Open Source document reader for the Palm Pilot


This is a new book reader with its own file format. It is the first real free book reader (GNU General Public License) for the palm. From March 2001 on the LinuxFocus articles should have conversion buttons for both comercial readers (doc format) and the new gutenpalm (ztxt format).

GutenPalm's main feature to differentiate from the others is its database format. GutenPalm uses zTXT databases instead of DOC. zTXT offers similar features plus much better compression.
Download document reader gutenpalm from linuxfocus: gutenpalm-1.41.tar.gz
You need as well PalmZLib :palmzlib.zip
The home page of GutenPalm is:gutenpalm.sourceforge.net


This is a reader for the popular Pilot DOC format. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Download version 1.1 from here: CSpotRun_english.zip
The home page of CSpotRun is:32768.com/bill/palmos/cspotrun/


If you want really nice looking docs with bold, italic, underline, large fonts, inlined images, link handling, etc. then you should try Plucker.
It comes with it's own spider program (plucker-build) to download a number of pages and build a .pdb file. The homepage of plucker is:
It is available under the GNU General Public License.

More palm open source software can be found at: http://www.palmopensource.com/

Freeware document readers for the Palm Pilot

The following document reader require Palm OS version 2.0 or higher


Download document reader iSilo free (there is also a shareware version): iSiloF.zip free, version 1.5


Download document reader: PeanutReader.zip version 3.1.1


Download document reader mobipocket: Mobibook_US.zip version 3.0