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sn54f74.pdf mtime: 2002-05-04, size: 78046 bytes Datasheet 74f74
linuxfreqcount-0.4.tar.gz mtime: 2002-05-07, size: 755886 bytes source code, unix tape archive, compressed
linuxfreqcount-0.5.tar.gz mtime: 2004-10-01, size: 744945 bytes source code, unix tape archive, compressed

Note: This is an updated version for the new avr-libc-1.0.4 It will not work with the avr-libc-20011208 as described in the article. Use linuxfreqcount-0.4 if you have the old avr-libc!!
README_commands.txt mtime: 2002-05-04, size: 1143 bytes Command description for the RS232 interface
MAX900-MAX903.pdf mtime: 2002-05-04, size: 162210 bytes Datasheet MAX903
LM193.pdf mtime: 2002-05-04, size: 349532 bytes Datasheet LM393
74hc390.pdf mtime: 2002-05-04, size: 47247 bytes Datasheet 74hc390